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What is Chebe

Long Hair Secrets Revealed!

In a world where looking good is good business, generic and off-the-chart beauty regimens and stay-fabulous tips are always inventoried and evolving. While some of these secrets are readily available to us, some hide in places we may not even be familiar with.

Chebe powder is one of such secrets, especially for those looking to brandish long, natural and thick hair. The powder was originally a regimen used by the local women of Chad Republic in Central Africa. It was discovered and popularized by a YouTube hair blogger from the country, Gwen or Ms. Sahel Vlog, in her exciting voyage to visit these Basara Arab Women of the Sahara Sahel region.

What is Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder is an effective hair recipe, the secret to growing long, black hair. Chebe is a nickname ascribed to the final powdery substance produced by the Saharan locals for natural hair growth. A variety of condiments are used to arrive at the concoction, with the main ingredient being that which they call “Chewe” or “Chebe.” This means that there is no such thing as Chebe seeds, as it is only the product of the mixture. Supporting materials such as Mahlaba or cherry kernels, Samour or mastic gum, clove and Sundase Khumra perfume oils are used in the hair recipe. The original source that is referred to as Chebe is Lavender Croton, botanically addressed as Croton Zambesicus. It is a shrub grown throughout Africa, mainly in Chad, Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

Domestic Use

This West African shrub can be found planted in house frontages, especially in towns and villages. The chebe plant is often used as a medicinal plant and by the Yoruba people as a spiritual means to ward off sorcery or evil infestation. The shrub is also used for the cure of diabetes.

Chebe Powder for Hair Growth

The Chebe powder is passed through various stages, of which heating and filtering are the last to give the recipe its powdery final feel. It can be used in many ways to better hair health and growth. It can be put in as treatment once or twice a week. You can mix it with any butter or conditioner you prefer. Melt the butter into a paste, mix the powder and apply it to your hair with a protective style for 5 to 7 days. Then, rinse the powder out from your hair.

Alternatively, you can diffuse the chebe powder in oil for some time and use as you need. If you are looking for a carrier; olive oil or ostrich oil can do the job for you, as you can leave it in some glass jar in a dark, dry place for a fortnight or two. Shake the mixture every day, and after the said time, you can proceed to apply it to your hair using the same method as in the first option.

Chebe Powder can be found in the US in various online stores which import the product directly from Chad in Central Africa.  To order Chebe powder and other products containing Chebe, visit our website:

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    1. Hi,
      You can reach us at 630-398-1089.

      Roselle Naturals

  2. Shalom. celebrating Chanukah today. Trying to find my” green hair grease” that I grew up with. Softee is the closest I’ve been able to find.

    1. Shalom. I like using Blue Magic originals. Its very close to the green hair grease. It comes in different varieties.
      All the best.

      1. Where cab I ‘FIND’ (Blue-Magic-Originals) the-Hair-Grease <& how much well It cost/me well…????

        1. Hi Ms Young,
          You can get Blue Magic originals from any beauty store. Also check Walmart, I’ve seen it there sometimes.

  3. Where can i find chebe powder in ethiopia? And how much ?

    1. Hi Sofia,
      You can reach out to Sahel cosmetics directly. They can ship to you from Chad via DHL. You can check how much with them.


  4. Is Chebe a black owned company?

    1. Roselle Naturals is a black owned company.

  5. Hello, I’m from East Africa, on Tanzanian country, how can I get chebe powder?

    1. Hi Imelda,
      Thanks for your inquiry. You can order from our website and we will ship it to you. You do have to pay shipping fees.
      We look forward to your order.

  6. What are the ingredients?

    1. The ingredients are: Lavender Croton, Prunus Mahaleb, Resin, Clove, Gum Arabic, vegetable oil and perfume

  7. Can Chebe coconut oil and hair butter be placed on the scalp or just the length of the hair – will I damage scalp by applying chebe oil or powder directly to scalp?

    1. The Chebe coconut oil and hair butter should only be applied on the hair shaft. This is because the chebe powder is in its original state so it might cause dandruff. For Chebe Oil, the chebe is strained and infused into the oil so its safe on the scalp.

  8. Can you place the Chebe oil directly on scalp?

    1. Hi Roz,
      Yes, you can apply the Chebe oil directly on your scalp.

  9. As I’ve stated when I’ve emailed you on this date’s & time OH ,the month In-fact I just gotten my ‘Chebe-Hair-Oil’ on April 9,21-Friday- & I was quite confused about It altogether ,On the BTLE. , It states (Instructions) Quote: Coat ‘Shampooed-hair from roots to tips and ‘message for even ‘distribution’ I personally don’t get that part , I don’t get that part not at all & I Quote: ( And wrap the hair In a ‘towel-,or-plastic-cap to keep It warm for 30-Minutes.) now I do get the last/part ,In between the 2-Qoutes I truly don’t quite get that at all OKAY HAHU/HUH ,now If you can email/me something parting a ‘Step-By-Step’ Instructions on how to use It that would be GREAT to my email ,or mail me something to my HOME If possible YES can you work w/me on that matter madam OKAY now as I also stated somewhere email/HOME mail It to/me so I can understand what the Information Is one the BTLE. , want’s me to DO OKAY ,have an ‘Wonderful-Day’ & please don’t forget about me THANKS GOD-BLESS you ,one more question ,does It matter what ‘AGE’ your are If you’ve you can start ‘USING’ this product & will I WORK on that older person’s HAIR HAH/HUH/YUP well will It I ask you MADAM….?????? Once again thanks for your time In all too.!!!

    1. Hi Ms Young,
      I will email you step by step instructions on how to use Chebe Hair Oil.

  10. I’m very sorry ,for bother you again ,but what I’ve forgotten to ask you about the ‘BLUE-MAJIC’ hair (grease) & where can I pick/up a ‘jar’ & how much will It cost/me as well & PLEASE add that INFORMATION when you email as well to OKAY then THANKS again…??????

    1. Hi Ms Young,
      A jar of Blue Magic will cost you less than $5 at a beauty supply store or Walmart.

  11. I honestly just think your very nice person to answer questions that don’t have anything to do with your business. I was going to purchase your product anyway but I just wanted to say how much it warmed my heart that you took the time several times to answer those questions. You seem like a honest person and I can’t wait to try your products

    1. Thank you so much Julia for your kind words.

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