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Long Hair Secrets Revealed!

In a world where looking good is good business, generic and off-the-chart beauty regimens and stay-fabulous tips are always inventoried and evolving. While some of these secrets are readily available to us, some hide in places we may not even be familiar with.

Chebe powder is one of such secrets, especially for those looking to brandish long, natural and thick hair. The powder was originally a regimen used by the local women of Chad Republic in Central Africa. It was discovered and popularized by a YouTube hair blogger from the country, Gwen or Ms. Sahel Vlog, in her exciting voyage to visit these Basara Arab Women of the Sahara Sahel region.

What is Chebe Powder?

Chebe powder is an effective hair recipe, the secret to growing long, black hair. Chebe is a nickname ascribed to the final powdery substance produced by the Saharan locals for natural hair growth. A variety of condiments are used to arrive at the concoction, with the main ingredient being that which they call “Chewe” or “Chebe.” This means that there is no such thing as Chebe seeds, as it is only the product of the mixture. Supporting materials such as Mahlaba or cherry kernels, Samour or mastic gum, clove and Sundase Khumra perfume oils are used in the hair recipe. The original source that is referred to as Chebe is Lavender Croton, botanically addressed as Croton Zambesicus. It is a shrub grown throughout Africa, mainly in Chad, Ghana, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.

Domestic Use

This West African shrub can be found planted in house frontages, especially in towns and villages. The chebe plant is often used as a medicinal plant and by the Yoruba people as a spiritual means to ward off sorcery or evil infestation. The shrub is also used for the cure of diabetes.

Chebe Powder for Hair Growth

The Chebe powder is passed through various stages, of which heating and filtering are the last to give the recipe its powdery final feel. It can be used in many ways to better hair health and growth. It can be put in as treatment once or twice a week. You can mix it with any butter or conditioner you prefer. Melt the butter into a paste, mix the powder and apply it to your hair with a protective style for 5 to 7 days. Then, rinse the powder out from your hair.

Alternatively, you can diffuse the chebe powder in oil for some time and use as you need. If you are looking for a carrier; olive oil or ostrich oil can do the job for you, as you can leave it in some glass jar in a dark, dry place for a fortnight or two. Shake the mixture every day, and after the said time, you can proceed to apply it to your hair using the same method as in the first option.

Chebe Powder can be found in the US in various online stores which import the product directly from Chad in Central Africa.  To order Chebe powder and other products containing Chebe, visit our shop:

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