Ambunu Herbal Shampoo from Chad Africa


Ambunu is a natural hair detangler and conditioner.



Ambunu is the local name given to this flowering plant known biologically as Ceratotheca Sesamoides.  It is a natural hair detangler and conditioner.   These dry leaves when combined with hot water become very slippery and this mucilage is used to clean the hair and scalp.  This plant contains saponin which gives it its ability to cleanse.  It is also an an effective antioxidant, anti inflammatory and an emollient.

Ambunu is an old tradition among the Chadian women who use these leaves to wash and detangle their hair.  The  plant is indigenous to Africa and is locally grown in some areas and in others, is a weed.  It is called False Sesame because of this similiarities to the Sesame plant (Sesamum indicum)

To use Ambunu, mix  one Tablespoon of Ambunu to 4 cups of hot water.  (This amount is good for someone with long hair. For those with shorter hair, use half this amount). Let it sit for ten minutes until it becomes gooey.  You can rub the leaves  between your fingers to extract as much mucillage as possible then strain it.  Apply this mixture to your hair in small sections as you gently massage your scalp and hair.  Rinse and follow with Roselle Naturals Chebe Leave-in Conditioner and Oil.


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Weight 8 oz
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