Chebe Hair Paste – Herbal Hair Moisturizer, Hair Growth Formula 4oz

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Chebe Hair Paste provides hydration to dry hair and is 100% natural.  Chebe is a powder native to Chad that offers moisturization to dry hair.  The women in Chad apply chebe powder by mixing it with creme and oil.  We have mixed Chebe Hair Mask with moisturizing butters and oils to make it a superior product.

Description  The Chadian women traditionally use beef fat as they apply the Chebe on their hair. Our Chebe Paste has Essential Ois of Lavender, Rosemary and peppermint for a rich, pleasant smell. Ingredients Chebe Powder, Beef Fat (Tallow), Ostrich Oil, Essential oIls of Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint




❇️KEEP HAIR SUPER MOISTURIZED AND LUBRICATED❇️ Keeping hair moisturized and lubricated allows the hair to grow strong and healthy. 100% organic Chebe Paste keeps hair super moisturized and lubricated. Enjoy natural shine and strong hair.

❇️HAIR PROTECTION FROM BREAKING❇️ Chebe Paste is made using Chebe powder, a combination of herbs that have been used by Chadian women to grow their naturally kinky hair very long

❇️HEALTHY GROWTH❇️ The paste saves you time instead of having to mix the powder yourself. It is made with all natural ingredients, just like the Chadian women do it.

❇️EASY TO USE❇️ The paste is easy to use. Apply to damp hair and leave on for deep conditioning.

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4 oz

3 reviews for Chebe Hair Paste – Herbal Hair Moisturizer, Hair Growth Formula 4oz

  1. Branae’

    I used the product on my daughters 4C hair it really made a difference. Her hair was less dry after just one use. Only downside is I had to wash 4-5x just to get all the paste out as I didn’t know you needed to have Chebe shampoo. Still a great product

  2. Ashley Williams

    Smells amazing and
    Hair feels amazing can’t wait to see the results!

  3. J Simone Fashions

    Was very happy with products so far. Leave in conditioner kept my hair moist for days during my protective style. Will purchase again soon!

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